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If you are going to use this feature, please get in contact with us at [email protected] noted in the previous release message, this release will disrupt your export pipeline if you are currently using morph modifier extraction to sample morph curves from Max or Maya.Support was added for Windows Phone 8 and Win RT, Android, 64bit i OS, and Linux X64. release 2015/05/26 release 2012/11/02 Small release to preview and test the new morph target functionality in the Animation Studio. release 2015/07/30 This Granny release is more important than usual! That means that this version of Granny can possibly (but only if you tell it to) create files that will not load in 2.9 or earlier. Because we have something awesome for you: significantly better LZ file compression for Granny files. Also, the default behavior of edit windows is now for them to open one at a time. If you want to open a new window while keeping the existing ones open, control-click instead! I apologize in advance for asking you re-learn some of the UI if you are upgrading, but it should be worth it to have more consistent behavior.That said, the Oodle1 compressor is still there if you need it, and if you export from 2.10 uncompressed or with Oodle1, those files will load just fine in 2.9. Since it's customary on each minor version increase to summarize the changes since the last one, that follows here.

Please do read the UI changes at least if you work with the tool at all, many interactions have been changed (for the better! Note that there are many things that I've discussed with beta clients that didn't make it into this release. It's simply that too many fixes have been made to hold this release back any longer.

And files that can be less than 1/3 the size of the previous compression method on large scenes. Right-click will open an edit window, and left click will select, activate, or drag the object.

The Animation Studio mouse-button assignments for bringing up the dialog to edit nodes, transitions, and breadcrumbs (and for navigating breadcrumbs and activating transitions) are now much more consistent.

Also note that there are a lot a compatibility notes in this release.

Most of these should not affect normal customer code significantly, but if you're digging deep into the inner workings of Granny, I may have clipped you once or twice.

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