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In return, I never had a household problem that was not resolved promptly.

By the way, if your maintenance guy won’t fix your cockroach issue, this little thing is nastily effective at killing them. Share your experience and tips with me in the comments below!

In a few cases it is simply a matter of perspective and what looks like a mere Kick the Dog may end up becoming this, once the viewer learns more about the supposedly innocent victim. Compare with Alas, Poor Scrappy, Poke the Poodle, and Designated Villain.We know those people fought for their lives, but sometimes the gruesomeness of the homicide or the hunt for who-done-it overshadows their resilience. On the night in question, a gentleman came in and, without saying a word, goes straight into the porn section/caged off area. While we love to read the dark stories with no happy endings, it's important to pay as much attention to the stories of survival.You might forget to remove your GPS from the windshield, or leave a case for your sunglasses on the seat.9 times out of 10, you’ll come back to find your windows smashed.

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