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In an ordinary world, you go out, meet someone, have a date, and make plans for a second date.If you work in aid, safety/security makes the going out less easy, and you often resort to hanging out with the same crowd you work with.To have a happy and healthy relationship you need heavy doses of humour, shared experiences and the ability to work through whatever the world throws at you. It means so many things – and yet when you have it you know.You can perhaps not describe it in one word – you just know…. Love isn’t reserved for what two people’s connection can mean.Love is an eternal dilemma, yet so many couples that met during their time in the aid game lead very rich lives full of shared extraordinary experiences, and have a bond that makes them invincible.Two people meet, fall in love and live happily ever after… We grow up thinking that we will all meet that special someone.

A book by Andrew Thompson coined the term Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures), and describes ‘love’ and work in a war zone.

The word ‘humanitarian affairs’ take on a different shape and become quite real for many. Well – if you believe Aid blogger Motherhood & Sanity there are 52 reasons why you shouldn’t date an aid worker.

Hope however comes from who give us 52 reasons why you should (date an aid worker) .

Yet, the humanitarian field see many – especially women – leave when the biologic clock starts to tell body and mind that this is one emergency too many.

It isn’t the work as much as it is a fear of being ‘alone’ one day.

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