Husband joined online dating how to deal with dating a married man

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First, he must accept both those uncomfortable truths.

If he does think he has become addicted to online sites then he should seek counselling for himself, as well as couple counselling with you.

oh lord, forget packing the bags - put the lot on a bonfire.

I cope with these body issues every day and my husband's clear rejection of me is very hard to take.

I always thought we'd love each other whatever life threw at us.

I wish there was a way of making him realise what he is doing is wrong - he needs a jolt into reality instead of living a fantasy. Val Although I believe that the capacity for forgiveness is all-but endless, it is still a struggle to reach the end of your letter and say: 'Yes, Val, believe him all over again, bowing your head once more so he can heap dirt on it.' the 'jolt into reality' would come if you packed a suitcase for him and left it on the step.

or cut up those trendy clothes with a pair of dressmaking shears.

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