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Dave and his friends had just graduated from high school, and in a couple of weeks were headed off to college themselves, although they were going to different colleges.It was a hot afternoon so I decided to join them for a swim. I was going to put on my one-piece suit, but then thought about the boys.I’m a pretty dedicated runner, and continued to run even though the weather was really cold I’d still run.

My parents were away for the weekend up in the islands.

I did my routine runs in the morning on the 18th, but on the 19th I woke up to about four inches of snow.

I decided I’d just scoop the driveway and sidewalk instead of running that day.

Jason Teague elated over his divorce with his wife, goes out and gets wasted.

When he comes back home, He sees his son Marcus fucking himself with a dildo while moaning his dad's name.

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