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Listen to Rabih Hadad who talk about the diversity of students at EPITA, with diverse backgrounds, cultures and business experiences.He also speaks about the activites organized like the cultural intergation program, workshops, cultural events…However culturally they tend to be more westernized than there counterparts to the east.This means that there is usually little culture shock if you bring a woman from Poland to your home country.They are raised to be polite and dutiful and most manage to live up to these standards.

Each team consists of 4 to 5 and is supervised by the representative of the company or research laboratory mentoring the project.

Information Systems, IT Management, Computer and Cyber Security and Software Engineering are our fields of expertise. Joel Courtois Born in 1984, EPITA School of Computer Science & Advanced Techniques) has been steadily gaining a reputation of excellence among multinational companies, which often recruit our students before the end of their studies.

Not only will you master IT but also cross-border management by interacting with more than 40 nationalities on campus. At EPITA, computing and information technologies are considered fundamental subjects and are always placed in the context of students' future managerial role and within the perspective of their position of responsibility.

EPITA is an engineering school in 5 years which prepares its students for the careers of computing engineering, in the main fields of tomorrow.

The pedagogy of the school emphasizes projects, innovation and responsible risk-taking, international exposure and professionalization of its students.

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