Intimidating a witness nc

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With the marine clouds diffusing the sunlight, the skies feel more vast.

The nearly flat to rolling terrain slouches toward the coast, stepping over ancient shorelines from millions of years ago.

The EPA’s letter gives credence to previous declarations the residents’ made under oath as part of the civil rights complaint.

This includes the environmental and public health issues and the intimidation tactics by nearby hog farmers.

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Residents had hoped for a firm decision from the EPA regarding the discrimination complaint.

Duplin County is also veined with waterways: the Northeast Cape Fear River, Muddy Creek, Bear Swamp, Maxwell Mill Pond, Picadilly Bay.

The challenge, then for swine farmers is how to keep the waste from 2.2 million hogs out of not only the surface water, but the groundwater — which can infiltrate into private wells.

They also told federal officials about the intimidation, the threat of physical violence they felt from some hog farmers — a consequence of the residents’ outspokenness.

That the NC Department of Environmental Quality has done little, if anything to help these communities, and that at times, it had even worked at cross purposes to them.

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