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If ice coolers are used, please keep them in the bathrooms to avoid damage of carpets in the carpeted areas. There is also a drop-off mail box at the dormitory office for pre-stamped items.

A washer and dryer for student use are located on the first floor, west end in Dormitory C. Incoming - Mail may be picked up from the dormitory office after a.m. The keeping of open food items and cooking of food is prohibited in the dormitory rooms.

Go under the bridge and turn left onto Faircloth Freeway, called 421 North, for about 3/4 mile. Take the first exit (North Blvd.), turn right at the stop sign, go approximately 1/2 mile. The hospital is approximately 1/2 mile on the right. Fire Fire alarm pull switches are located near the stairs at each end of each floor.

In case of fire, pull the nearest alarm and exit the building using the evacuation plan posted on the inside of your room door. Move to a safe distance from the building, and remain there until you are informed otherwise by a reliable source.

Ice machines are located in Dormitory B and Dormitory C.

No large containers or coolers should be filled from the ice machines. Post Office is located on Fayetteville Street directly in front of the campus.When you arrive at the dormitory registration office, you will be assigned to a room for the duration of the program you are attending. If, for any reason, you need to be moved before your class is over, the dormitory manager will notify you. Monday through Tuesday arrivals may check-in from a.m. and Wednesday and Thursday arrivals may check-in from a.m. There should be no exchanging of assigned rooms unless approved by the dormitory staff in advance of the move.Tornado In cases of a tornado watch or warning, notify the dorm office or security, or person(s) in authority of the emergency.If a warning is issued, all staff and students are to move to the interior portion of the building away from windows, doors and outside walls.

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