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“Royal Dragon” starts strong, but it lags as the script delivers scene after scene of exposition without intrigue.The cold open of the heroes rushing into the restaurant and catching up on the basics of the plot is the most thrilling part of the episode, and the early exposition is imbued with urgency and humor to keep the story moving.

I’m overthinking what happens to this restaurant after the superheroes leave it behind, but given how much time is spent there, it’s hard not to consider how their actions have big consequences for ordinary people.

Instead, the Asian characters in “Royal Dragon” are the restaurant employees who have to stay past closing because four random people decided to make their workplace a hideout; Black Sky, who is essentially a killing machine; and Murakami (Yutaka Takeuchi), the final finger of the Hand who is introduced while butchering an endangered Asian black bear.

Murakami’s scene is so over-the-top that it’s laughable, and I don’t think that’s the intent of the creative team.

The dialogue moves at a clipped pace, with Jessica providing contemptuous comic relief that undercuts the more unbelievable fantasy elements.

“Royal Dragon” makes Danny a more entertaining character by pushing him in a humorous direction, and he’s almost adorable as he fails to contain his excitement at the prospect of being part of a team.

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