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He once said that he would willingly to go back into the jungle again.

Speaking in 2013 to Magic FM he said: “I could quite happily live off of rice and beans, it didn’t bother me.” Dougie along with the other Mc Fly boys joined Busted stars Matt Willis and James Bourne to form supergroup, Mc Busted. The band then went onto release their debut album Mc Busted.

But fear not because the pair were only hooking up for a charity photo shoot and were joined by their fellow bandmates.

However, things could have got a little awkward on set after Mc Fly’s Danny Jones publicly blasted Frankie following her grisly split with Dougie last year. magazine at the time: ‘I personally couldn’t give a s*** what she does.

‘Yeah, I have exes that if I saw them I’d be like: “Hi,” but it depends.

Wearing his statement headband, 24-year-old Dougie looked as though he was planning on smarting up his laid-back look when he arrived at the picture studios in London carrying a suit bag.

The Mc Fly bassist was closely followed by Frankie, 23.

Here is what else we have found out about the singer/songwriter from Essex...

In 2003, at just 15 years old, Dougie joined the band Mc Fly.

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