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My husband, who rarely loses his temper with our son, ­struggles to understand how I can be so angry at an innocent boy.

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The rates for severe tears have tripled in the ten years to 2012, according to the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (RCOG).

‘No matter how much ­mothers love their children, it can never be 100 per cent nor should it be 100 per cent,’ she says.‘There’s too much guilt and too much pressure put on women to be perfect and to devote our whole lives to the needs of our children. We should never feel guilty about wanting this or about our ambivalent feelings — it’s a normal human emotion.

And if your child lashes out at you, it would be strange not to get angry back, even if only momentarily.’It is true that we mums are our own worst enemy — we bury our own feelings and then wonder why our frustrations manifest themselves in anger.

Carol Sunnocks, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, describes her gorgeous ten-year-old son Kai as ‘my world, my joy, I love him with all my heart’.

But like thousands of women, Carol is living with life-long damage as a result of natural childbirth because hospitals didn’t warn her of the risks, or offer a caesarean.

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