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It was raining so Zack asked him to turn around and come back and get it.Instead Jimmy told him naw man and when Zack told him he would bring it to him tomorrow he again refused.

Just a few seconds after Jimmy left Zacks that night Jimmy called back to tell Zack he had left his jacket hanging in his house.It’s importance lost entirely to the mind numbling pain they now were enduring.We can only imagine the depths of their shock and grief.I haven’t touched it.” -Zacky Vengeance-As far as predicting his lifes end it appears Jimmy had done it even further in advance than anyone could have imagined.According to Synyster Gates Jimmy had communicated to Syns dad when Jimmy was only 15 yrs old that he would be in a famous rock band and he would die before he was 30. I’m gonna be in a famous rock band and I’m gonna die before I’m 30.

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