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This new format allowed the judges to respond to the strong number of female street dancers, and resulted in the Top Twenty, being eleven female and nine male dancers.

Once the "Top 20" were selected the public voted on their favourite dancers and the three stage and three street dancers with fewest votes were in danger of elimination.

After a month of labbing and getting into krump i finally decided to have my 1st krump battle before Girl Twiggz leaves back to Japan, big respect to her, she is my inspiration as a krump female right now.

For explanation, there was a beef before the battle started.

Lythgoe, Abdul and Derulo were the three judges for all the auditions.

The Team Captains, Travis Wall for Team Stage and t Witch for Team Street, were consulted on the selections for each team during the Vegas Call Backs.Seventeen episodes were broadcast on the Fox Network, including episode nine on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, which was a special celebrating the tenth anniversary of the show titled "A Decade of Dance Special Edition".The sixteen regular episodes aired each week on Mondays, rather than Wednesdays as it had been in recent previous seasons.Note: The "asterisk" symbol shows that the Dancer was saved by the live Twitter vote.JJ Rabone injured her ribs during rehearsals and was not medically cleared to perform either her solo or with an all-star partner.

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