Jakob lodwick dating

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The contention ignited largely as a result of Jakob's arguable penchant for oversharing—perhaps best epitomized by a blog that he and then-girlfriend and former Star editor at large Julia Allison wrote together, which documented in great detail the inner workings of their relationship.

That is, aside from the fact that the job required getting completely nude in a very cold Manhattan photo studio.

So, he followed suit, personalizing his clothing by adding extra fabric onto the pockets of his jeans among other things.

Modeling, however, never entered Lodwick's mind until after he dropped out of Johnson & Wales a year into studying entrepreneurship and moved to New York.

Having just moved to New York, Lodwick's brother set him up with a job filming Allison and editing the footage into short Web clips.

Understandably, it isn't an experience Lodwick remembers fondly: "I was sleeping like three hours a night and getting up at 8 the next morning to go do it all over again.

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