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Here, women 16 or older sit behind a two-way mirror that only the men can see in, while the men take turns going from room to room looking at them, and if they so choose, ask to talk to her for a small fee.If the woman decides to leave with him, then the man must pay a "transportation fee" to her, and then pay a fee to the cafe (they also pay a membership fee up front).Even with the potential that awaits within school or work, starting a relationship can be a daunting and scary process for many in Japan, and so they try to find ways to help eliminate this potential awkwardness and difficulty.This is indefinitely reflected through the numerous dating services and practices readily available and encouraged in the culture.This type of dating is quite prevalent; most are very wary of a one-on-one situation when first meeting individuals, as most people come to know others through third party introductions in Japan.

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Essentially, if a single male and female know one another, they will typically arrange to bring an additional 3 or 4 other eligible friends and all meet up together, typically at some form of restaurant or , which are basically popular bars that also serve large meals.The women often get in for free, as is advertised up front, and sometimes are offered things like free manicures, coffee, manga, or other things to help encourage them to come.Similarly, there are things called telephone clubs, which operate like they sound.Men essentially pay up to dollars an hour to sit in a special booth and await the calls of women seeking men from anywhere (the phone numbers are on things given out on the street around town often times).Some forms of meeting people to date take on a more time-tested cultural approach (though not as popular as it has been in the past) called , where the parents of a son or daughter will undergo a search process to find an appropriate mate if they seem to show little interest in seeking a partner of their own, helping to ensure they marry before acceptable window of marriageable age closes (22-30).

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