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The art design by Max Biscoe and cinematography by Tim Orr (who shot for David Gordon Green) are exemplary.You couldn’t ask for a more luscious looking debut.Saturday night is spent at her favorite bar, The Forge.

They’re for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, bossy, brave, proud, nasty women.” Ashley and Wynonna, who share the same mother, but have different fathers, have had a tumultuous relationship over the years.

Synopsis Lucy Fowler (Ashley Judd) wakes up in a Little Rock motel room next to a stranger.

She insists the motel manager let her pay the bill, catches a cab back to the bar and climbing into her F-150 pickup truck, begins her day.

Lucy’s housemate (Laura Prepon) doesn’t understand or approve of Lucy’s social activities.

She visits her painfully withdrawn dad Lowell (Scott Wilson), then her aunt (Diane Ladd) who bickers incessantly with her husband of 50 years.

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