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Lucky Chewey held 10h-5h and re-raised Lunkin who headed into the tank with A-8."This is when all the online kids get called and they suck out," said Change100. The coin landed on its side so there was no direct result.He folded anyway and flashed an Ace hoping that Lucky Chewey would show what he was three-betting with."You're too good to show," said Lucky Chewey who tossed his suited crap into the muck.

While Elk Y shook off the horrendous beat, Happy took control of the action.

I wonder if Buddha told him that Happy was bluffing with A-K and that's why he called."Another spectacular blow up," bemoaned Black as he left the final table. Twenty-something online pro Lucky Chewey made a cameo on the secondary TV table featuring Prahlad Friedman and Vitaly Lunkin (two-time bracelet winner and 40K Champion).

The young and fearless Lucky Chewey found himself in a hand with the Lunkin, the cold-blooded Russian.

Its Annual Meeting each January draws more than 3,000 professors and senior administrators and constitutes the largest gathering of law faculty in the world.

AALS faculty and deans actively participate in more than ninety volunteer-led Sections that present programs at the meeting, provide mentoring for new faculty, and serve as a year-round resource for discussions on legal issues from antitrust, dispute resolution and taxation to civil rights, criminal justice and international law.

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