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Guthrie inscribed "This machine kills fascists" on his guitar; will his music come back to haunt the Trumps?In the past poets and songwriters lodged protests against the inequitable treatment of women, children and minorities.Of course there are many others, but this is a representative list, by way of example.Poets who helped change the world for the better include the great anti-war poet Wilfred Owen ("Dulce et Decorum Est"), the great African-American poet Langston Hughes ("Harlem" aka "A Dream Deferred"), the first great anti-establishment English poet, William Blake, and the first great anti-establishment American poet, Walt Whitman.And there are many other notable voices among the poets, going back at least to Sappho of Lesbos, the first great lyric poet we know by name today. Auden once said that poetry makes nothing happen, but I believe the opposite is actually true: poetry and song lyrics make ething happen in the realm of social progress. Because human cultural norms begin with what people believe, and how they react when they see behavior they approve of (or don't).Sappho was apparently the first "make love, not war" poet, because eons ago she wrote a poem in which she said that other people praised warriors in flashing armor and fleets of ships, but for her what really mattered was the person she loved. On a smaller scale, a student who picks his nose in public is censured with "Gross, that's disgusting!

His 1813 essay "A Vindication of Natural Diet" was far ahead of its time. Sir Walter Raleigh's "The Lie" is one of first noteworthy poems to mock what we now call "the establishment." William Blake was an English reformer cut in the mold of the Hebrew prophets.

By the way, Woody Guthrie also wrote bitter protest songs about Donald Trump's father, Frederick Trump, denouncing him as a racist!

If you're interested, you can get the scoop here: Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

Today artists are lobbying for fully equal rights for LGBTs, so the struggle continues.

The first step begins when people who are dissatisfied with the status quo start persuading other people that change is necessary.

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