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Rosie Mc Intyre’s stunning allegations are already on file at the Wyandotte County Courthouse in her sworn affidavit:“I have often wondered if my failure to comply with Golubski’s demands for additional sexual favors caused him to dislike me and my family.

And three of the five people are related to Rosie Mc Intyre.The investigation was first launched by Centurion Ministries out of Princeton, NJ.Together, those organizations had the resources to support a huge investigation that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.One investigator is a retired police detective who says he just wanted to solve a murder but kept hearing the same allegation over and over.“To me that's a clue when different people from different backgrounds from different parts of town say that they are having the same instances about the police happening to them and listing the same police officers.That's the whole credibility on witness statements,” Michael Bussell said.

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