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With the introduction of the i Pad (and other tablets) and a host of networked whiteboarding apps, everything changed.

The good news is, problems like these can be solved in a variety of ways, from modifying your teaching approach to using new tools and software that help you get the job done.Until recently, it was almost impossible to simulate the experience of freeform collaboration on a shared problem set online, as is common in math and science tutoring.Forming an emotional connection can be challenging: when you begin teaching a new student, breaking the ice with a new student can becoming challenging, as it’s more difficult to make an emotional connection without being present in the room.Just think about how many courses you’d already have prepared if you’d recorded every one of your tutoring sessions.There are a few necessary, complementary tools in the online tutors video recording toolbelt: Oftentimes, tutors will assign students homework or practice questions to help reinforce the information the tutor’s been teaching.

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