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Korean women prefer Korean men from within their own culture for long-term relationships. Furthermore, if a Korean woman is attracted to a western male, it’s more than likely because he is an attractive male, not because he is of western descent.Korean women are extremely picky when it comes to height, clothing, appearance, etc.Lame Advice Regarding Dating Do you ever get bad advice about dating?You know, the advice that is normally provided by older people or your really attractive friends who effortlessly transition from one relationship to the next.I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to tell me the truth.If you stop reading here, this will ultimately be my conclusion of this article.Korea: Land of the Lonely Expat During my two-year tenure in South Korea, I’ve participated in relationships, but I have spent most of my time as a single male.The isolation from other foreigners and the communication barrier with the locals has easily extended my droughts of singleness. I mean we don’t initiate relationships through purely lustful methods like making out with strangers in bars.

It puzzles me considering the demands they place upon their own women to be comparable to match sticks.This doesn’t mean we date people with a certain English proficiency based on a test, but that we date girls who understand the nuances of our language, humor and our culture.The western-man yellow fever myth is nothing more than an excuse for being single or a coping mechanism for rejection.There is also a misconception that it’s easy for western men to pick up Korean girls.I covered why this isn’t true in the Myth of White Men and Asian Women.

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