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‘Well, I don’t think it’s any different from any other brothers or sisters.’ A mix of competition and closeness? All of those things, and you have enormous arguments.

Then you become incredibly close and you have really angry moments with each other. What he said was, “Always look down [when you’re singing] on your highest note,” and I said yes, OK.’The Beatle was also responsible for his famous Bee Gee beard. I thought, “That’s it, we should break up.”’Did he feel as the oldest Bee Gee he was always the leader? Maurice and Robin were twins so they were always secretly chatting.

Adam's introduction was scripted to cause discontent in Manda and Minty's relationship, with Adam taking an instant dislike to Minty.

It was announced in November 2009 that Lawrence had quit East Enders as she wanted to pursue other projects, making her final appearance on 12 February 2010, after ending her relationship with Minty.

Today Barry is wearing beaded bracelets under his black shirt and a discreet silver neck chain with a mystic symbol on it (‘I’ve outgrown all that gold and diamonds and chains that I used to wear, but I do love jewellery.’)They were never style icons. You never feel bad.’ He tells me that the last time he got drunk was as a teenager. I try not to think about that stuff too much.’In the olden days he always used to see himself as a lion with his virile mane.

Kenny Everett used to do a fabulous take-off of the Brothers Gibb. ‘I got so drunk mixing different drinks at a convention, I woke up in the bridal suite. I didn’t quite understand a lot of David Bowie because he was such an artist. I just think in terms that I’m going to be quite happy with whatever comes around the corner.‘I’ve grown up in three different cultures. There’s been so much loss in my family, for me it’s a standing mystery.’ Does he believe he will see them again? Don’t want to go there.’Part of him is very modern. In a 1979 authorised, illustrated biography of the brothers called The Greatest, there were caricatures of him as a lion, Robin as a red setter and Maurice as a badger.

Father-of-five Barry, 70, says: ‘It’s not fun because you’re not quite sure what it was about. Barry, the oldest of the three Bee Gee brothers, also went on to enjoy success outside the band, most notably on Guilty, his duet with Barbra Streisand.He says the loss of three of his brothers had a devastating effect on those left behind, including his mother, now 95.His younger brother, Andy, a star in his own right but not part of the band, died aged 30 in 1988 after years of drug abuse. Andy, the youngest Gibb brother, died in 1988 aged just 30 after years of drug abuse, Maurice died 13 years ago at the age of 53, and Robin died in 2012 at 62 after a protracted battle with cancer.And Barry, who has never spoken with such emotion about his loss, is clearly haunted by their deaths'The last time I saw him was at Saturday Night Live in 2013 when we were both playing. We started talking about the time before we had any success. ‘Those days of not understanding the business and not knowing why everybody wanted to know when for a long time they didn’t.That naivety.’How intense was the sibling rivalry in the Bee Gees?

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