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That having been said, I would like to thank moosyfate for showing me the light so that I may change my mind. Malaysia is one of the most conservative countries in Southeast Asia.The good thing about the Internet is that they can pick and choose who they want.Taking on dates with businessmen on the side is usually enough to cover school fees and buy the luxurious things they want.The girls very quickly build up a ‘social circle of men’ through recommendations given by satisfied clients.Much of Malay girls’ clientele is developed through this method.There are actually very few work alternatives available, as wages in fast-food outlets or department stores are extremely low and require many hours work commitment, which would interfere with study.

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This and other initiatives to curb the problem have had little impact, with student prostitution now a major underground industry involving both foreign and Malay students.Local Malay girls usually stick to Malay businessmen, hoping to get in with a rich and generous “Datuk” who can look after them. For some, this is an opportunity to experiment with sex before they get married and settle down.Although the money is often seen just as a bonus, girls tend to seek generous types who look after them financially. The young women can make up to RM500 (US0) per encounter, and also get the opportunity to go away on weekends where they can earn up to RM1,500, plus the presents like i Phones they may be given. But there was also a suggestion that engaged couples might have messed around a bit and therefore her virginity would now be suspect. She made a bad call (probably one among many) and now she is upset over the consequences. FYI - this sort of suit used to be not uncommon in western society (eg. I think the idea was that she had made financial plans based on the promise of being married to a provider, and was then stiffed.

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