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Any single adult, LDS or not, is welcome to attend our conference provided they agree to abide a conduct of dress and behavior consistent with Church standards.

These standards can be found by clicking here: Our conference is not for children, however Young Single Adults (YSA) aged 18-30 are certainly welcome to attend if they wish.

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Harkey's onscreen wife in this year's video was also in last year's advertisement.

“We thought it would be fun to keep our two main actors in this sequel to show the progression of Mormon relationships,” said Mutual founder Cooper Boice in a statement.

“At the end of the original video, Stacey and his female co-star matched and walked off together.” Mutual is an LDS singles dating app that’s not unlike Tinder, in that you swipe to find people you match up with, according to the Deseret News.

But please keep in mind that this conference is intended for and geared toward the 31 demographic.

The nice thing about attending the Las Vegas LDS Single Adult Conference is that you will likely find many like-minded peers that are close to your age.

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