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Karkoc’s own memoir in which he says he helped found the USDL with the help of the SS and that he served as a company commander until the end of the war.

Multiple statements from men in Karkoc’s unit “confirm the Ukrainian company he commanded massacred civilians,” the AP wrote, “and suggest that Karkoc was at the scene of these atrocities as the company leader.” The report also cites Nazi SS files stating Karkoc and his unit were involved in suppressing the Warsaw Uprising, an operation by the Polish underground to liberate the city from German control, which ended with more than 150,000 civilians killed by Germans.

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Most executors have rarely, if ever, probated a will. Hargrave can guide you through all aspects of the process including: Our staff helps executors with the arduous process of collecting, managing, valuing, protecting and liquidating the assets of the estate.

No one wants to have to deal with the probate process after experiencing the death of a loved one.

In Texas, it’s time-consuming and expensive, and can lead to serious disputes between family members.

Asked to explain his father’s affinity for the GOP, Karkos replied: “Republicans oppose communists…Under FDR, the White House was penetrated by Soviet agents of influence.”“I’m assuming he voted Republican [in the 2016 presidential election],” Karkos added, remarking that he sees no reason for his father to have changed his support for the GOP.

"The fact that he donated in 2014 has nothing to do with the lies and slanders about my father…the Associated Press said in the third paragraph of their original scandalous story slandering my father that the records do not show that [he] had a direct role in war crimes.” However, the AP cited cited a Nazi payroll sheet signed by an SS officer in 1945 showing Karkoc collected his salary as a member of the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion, an SS unit of Ukranian nationalists.

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