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these words -- they may merely have written the texts containing the earliest surviving record of the words in question. Since then it has come to mean something that is glaringly obvious and in-your-face, like an elephant in the room (to use another idiom involving a large animal). The word is a blend of "chuckle" and "snort," describing the noise made by somebody who manages to laugh while utilizing their nose in the process. Also from , this term refers to the process of blending two existing words together to form a new word (e.g. As Humpty-Dumpty explains to Alice, "You see, it's like a portmanteau -- there are two meanings packed into one word." "Portmanteau word" is a term sometimes used by professional linguists, although "blend" is more common. Also from -- you guessed it -- , and also -- right again! This time the word refers to the Jabberwock of the poem's title (the beast is the Jabberwock, the poem "Jabberwocky"), describing its movement ("galumphing" being a blend of "gallop" and "triumph"). In the poem, a nerd is one of the imaginary animals the narrator claims he will collect for his zoo. The most famous characters in the novel are Trilby -- the heroine -- and Svengali, the magician and hypnotist. This one is from ancient Greece, and the work of Homer -- specifically, , the epic poem which recounts the adventures of Odysseus (so this same work also gives us the word "odyssey," meaning an adventure). Malaprop, a character in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's 1775 play .

(Or, there may be earlier uses of the words out there, waiting to be discovered; it's just that more lexicographers and philologists are rereading than are reading "A Treatise on Vomiting and Related Emettic Excurssions, 1588.") Shakespeare may have been the first one to think of putting "leap" and "frog" together to form "leapfrog"; but wouldn't his audience have wondered what the bally hell he was blathering on about? This sort of word-formation (which also gives us brunch and motel, not to mention chillax) is sometimes known as a... A portmanteau is a bag that opens into two halves -- hence Humpty's use of the term -- that was used in the 19th century, often to carry clothes ("portmanteau" comes from the French meaning "carry the cloak"). One final little titbit about Carroll's book: it was "first published" in both 18. From the poet Ambrose Philips (1674-1749), writer of rather wet, babyish verses which he dedicated to his friends' and patrons' infant children. As a rough translation for "geek," the word entered popular use by the end of the 1950s. From this novel we got the name for the trilby hat (which was first worn in the stage productions of the novel, but doesn't feature in the novel itself) and the term "svengali," meaning a person who controls or manipulates another. Odysseus took 10 years to get home from the Trojan Wars, because of many mishaps and digressions (we'd heartily recommend reading this poem, which reads like an early fantasy novel and was used as the framework for one of the great novels of the 20th century, James Joyce's ). The word "malapropos" is found in print from 1630 with the sense of "in an inopportune, inappropriate, or awkward manner," hence Mrs.

While it is quite impossible to do justice to those approaches here, some sidelong glances in their direction will aim to suggest their philosophical importance.

I begin by outlining some of the ways that philosophers have conceived of the place of emotions in the topography of the mind, particularly in their relation to bodily states, to motivation, and to beliefs and desires, as well as some of the ways in which they have envisaged the relation between different emotions.

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