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Heading directly to his white moving van, the man loaded the steamer trunk in the cargo area, then closed the door and went to the cab.

He was allowed to leave without even being searched.

Waiting twenty minutes for the gas to work and dissipate a bit, he loaded a large steamer trunk onto a dolly and went to the first dressing room.

Placing a breathing mask similar to those used by painters over his nose and mouth, he knocked and announced he was from maintenance.

She was sprawled on the ground, looking to have fallen when the gas hit her. Placing it back on the dolly, he exited her room and went to the adjacent door, announcing himself and entering as before. Lying on the couch he found the partially undressed body of Carrie Underwood. Smiling with lust, he loaded her into the steamer trunk as well and wheeled it out to the loading dock.

The dock was busy with people loading all kinds of equipment onto different trucks.

Seeing it gave the man a hard-on, but abusing Carrie wasn’t part of the plan yet. ” Her voice trembled as she spoke, her fear evident. ” She hadn’t noticed Taylor lying on the cold floor.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said in his sweetest voice, as if to show that nothing was wrong. The man gestured to her and Carrie took in the other singer’s predicament.

It also meant his presence backstage was hardly going to be remarked upon. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. This had always been the weakest part of his plan, but Providence had smiled down upon him and had taken care of one of the few things he’d been unable to plan for. The two country superstars were in adjacent dressing rooms, and the two rooms shared an air vent and were located right next to the loading dock.The man smiled again as he took in the sight of the two beautiful girls.He’d arrived back home to his farmhouse and got both of them unloaded before they awoke. The cool hardwood floor felt good beneath his feet as he stood in the doorway drinking the scene in.

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