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Implied violence (for example the bombing of a city where violence is not seen directly) is also dealt with at this level.

At a PEGI 12 level more graphic and realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters is allowed.

If you would like more information about keeping children safe online, take a look at the NSPCC’s online safety advice at https:// If you’re interested in how children access and use contemporary media, take a look at the latest Ofcom report on media use and attitudes at: https:// little more violence is permissible at PEGI 7.

If they choose to play games with people that they don’t know, remind them not to take the conversation off the game, such as onto a social network or into a private chat.Age ratings are an essential tool to help assess whether a game is suitable for children.It’s important to remember though that age ratings are based on the content of the game and not whether you can access the internet and talk to other people.The VSC Rating Board licences the release of video games rated PEGI 12, 16 and 18 in the UK.These ratings are mandatory and enforceable under UK law and cannot be sold or hired to persons below the respective age restrictions.

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