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CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) is a comprehensive review of pre-construction projects and existing structures to identify environmental improvements that would serve to reduce crime victimization.Environmental enhancements may include alterations to lighting, landscaping, window configurations or entry-way designs.Tell the person your mom or dad can't come to the phone right now, but you will take a message and they will return the call later.Tell them this even if your parent(s) is gone for an hour or more.They will compile and forward the information to the appropriate state, federal, or local law enforcement agency for action.Internet Safety: The Tallahassee Police Department Communications Section would like to help citizens teach their children how to use the 9-1-1 emergency telephone system. If you have never met them before, they are strangers! Do not look at them or acknowledge that they have spoken to you, ignore them.This is when a stranger lays on the ground and looks like they have been injured, are unconscious, or in pain. The "Animal Trick" is another one that is hard to resist.

Keep all the doors and windows locked and don't let anyone know you are home alone.Children are exposed to computer use in ever-increasing numbers and society has embraced technology as essential.Many uninformed parents fail to realize the threat to children by unsupervised use of computers accessing the Internet.Save the material, and contact your local law enforcement agency.The Tallahassee Police Department has forensic computer investigation facilities and experienced law enforcement personnel specifically trained to investigate computer crimes and in particular, computer crime focused on child abuse and exploitation.

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