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Netizens commented, "If this is 'lolita' then they better take off those bibs right away", "They didn't wear that last week.

They're going too far", "This is too much", "Why do girl groups wear school uniforms as stage outfits so much?

Shopping for a 'tween is a little like being a presidential candidate—you try to find some middle ground in a world of clamorous extremes.

I want her clothes to reflect the fact that she's still a girl, but I'm willing to let her hint at the young woman she is about to become.

A pair of shorts was the equivalent of a jeans G-string.

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Some clothing didn't have enough fabric to support a logo.

Most of these clothes provided sufficient coverage, but my daughter doesn't like ostentation, so we looked through the T-shirts for something more subdued.

There we discovered what I have come to think of as Nitwit Wear.

Like the low-rise jean, the baby doll top has migrated to 'tweens.

My daughter found one that was cute but not sexy, made out of blue sweatshirt material () that she immediately layered with a pink, lace-trimmed tank top (.50—I'm not kidding).

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