Lushington dating

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After the war she continued to work on radar at a research laboratory in Cambridge .In the early 1950s she flew to Kenya to join her sister, by now an Army wife, and joined the Kenya Police, serving during the Mau Mau uprising.

Most days it’s home to our business operations as a combination popup shop, workshop, and office.

In 1955 she and her lifelong friend, Sonia Halliday, embarked on an overland trip across Europe, through Turkey to Cyprus.

By the time they started to make their way home, they had been joined by two small kittens which had been presented to Laura, one in Anatolia and one by an Istanbul hotel owner.

In later years Laura developed a special interest in photographing stained-glass windows.

She also spent one long winter copying original 17th and 18th-century engravings and lithographs, producing compelling water-coloured prints of daily life in Ottoman Constantinople.

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