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We had surgeons who decided to procreate.” Although Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) seems much more maternal than Ellis Grey ever was, the sentiment still rang true. Cristina Yang and Derek Shepherd A friendship born out of circumstance. Cristina Yang and Alex Karev Cristina may have referred to Alex as “Evil Spawn,” but deep down, she loved him enough to give her board seat to the guy.

The highlight of this underdeveloped friendship is the moment when Jackson is angsting over his mother’s hookup with Webber and Meredith consoles him by saying that the chief banged her mom, too. Cristina and Derek were the two most ambitious doctors to grace the hallways of Grey Sloan, and if you took Meredith out of the equation, I suspect they would’ve discovered that they had much more in common than they thought. Jackson Avery and Charles Percy They’re just two bros who rocked orange scrubs and tried to make a name for themselves in that crazy mixed-up merger. Okay, she did it because Meredith told her to love him, but . Miranda Bailey and Meredith Grey This one typically errs more on the side of mentorship, but saving a person’s life and having their baby named after you blurs that mentor-mentee line just a tad. Callie Torres and Addison Montgomery Give it up for the girls who became friends they slept with the same guy, rather than in spite of it.

It’s true, Alex had never really gelled with the group (he and George disliked each other to the very end), but the five did have each other’s back as a team.

They stuck together after the LVAD wire cut heard ‘round the world. They helped each other through hookups and true loves and surgical losses.

They weren’t best buds, but their bond was strong enough to survive Callie dating the woman who didn’t exactly kill Derek, per se, but certainly didn’t help the situation. Maggie Pierce and Alex Karev If ever there were a friendship that needed more airtime, it’s this one.

Maggie and Alex only hang out because of Meredith, but their carpool banter is delightful. April Kepner and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson)Bless for never going there with April and Riggs, which the show could’ve easily done after they spent time together overseas. Owen Hunt and Nathan Riggs So much drama with these two!

Callie Torres and Derek Shepherd This friendship was based two things: work and Mark Sloan.

Stephanie is Cristina 2.0 and she deserves a Meredith. They were the top two surgeons at Seattle Grace for a hot minute, and they loved a pair of complicated best friends. In short, there needed to be more hugging to make this friendship believable. George deserved better — that dude jumps in front of buses for strangers! I doubt they would be friends if they didn’t work together, but every guy needs another guy’s shoulder to cry on sometimes. Meredith Grey and Maggie Pierce Meredith hasn’t been friends with all of her sisters.

At its best, Callie was working around the clock to fix Derek’s hand post–plane crash while he reminded her that she was .

As its worst, Derek ditched his and Callie’s miracle prosthetic program to go work for the president.

In fact, when you start to look at as a whole, you’ll quickly realize it’s rife with memorable friends — and, yes, a lot of pretty terrible ones.

Ahead of the show’s mid-season premiere, Vulture ranked all of the friendships forged in the halls of Grey Sloan, from worst to best. Andrew De Luca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington)Poor, sweet, dumb De Luca. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Owen Hunt (Kevin Mc Kidd)Should Teddy and Owen even be on this list?

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