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but this is what he believed host: and now it is my privilege for the beginning of the evening to begin a conversation with mr.

sharon after ask questions we will open it up to your questions.

he lost good friends of the war his friend was killed right next to him on the crossing site we lost about 3,000 men and for us, you can cv take one and to give 1,000.

you can see how our feelingsr about our men this is the yom kippur war.

as i told you before i will ask questions and roughly chronological order to you talk about some of the planes.

and some of which involve trickery of all is a great deal of bravery in the moments that you are particularly proud of his participation in the birth of a nation and anything he would have changed?

he was talking to me and said i am talking to you from africa the lsi for:i was not sure what was going p on in said there are you a prisoner of war?

he saw the agriculturalwo aspects of two sides of the same ploy began you talk about those two areas that seem very different that we we typically do not have politicians who were farmers although it may be jimmy carter but not a lot how they so closely intertwined?

71 of the best known and controversy salt of the modern middle the center of the country , and within the threat of the elimination the common phrase all was wiped off he was a division commander in the south.and the most difficult one and to break through the main the egyptian and it has been taught all over thetl world.and the story of survival isst w no less than a miracle and i describe it in the book but because of that awful day, may 26, 1948, it became the value for the entire israelire army, we do not leave our men behind. when we were kids he would take us to where he was lying badly wounded and every day at that place no single time ♪ ♪ root -- around and alone over there to say it is a most remarkable event. during the six-day war your father commander the armored division and u.s said he had been on a sea calm can you talk about his role house be looked back on the war in the later years?those territories where there why didn't they established this day back then?

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