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While it would be perfectly fine if his kid fit this description, he absolutely does not.I’m forced to assume that Giles wanted to splash around in a pool of fat hate and decided to facilitate that by pretending that his kid is fat.Transcript of cartoon: A woman with glasses and a slightly frightened, anxious expression is in the foreground, speaking directly to the reader.Behind her, on the left, are three angry student protestors, yelling stuff we don’t hear.If he doesn’t have a growth spurt, then you’ll have a short kid. No doubt Diane Abbott’s family assumed that she would change shape when she was out of nappies. It’s reasonable to assume that the parents took their eyes off the ball, let their porky pups feast on a shitty diet and do fuck-all exercise into adolescence and now look at them: ostensibly successful, yes, but laughable to behold with their untucked shirts and stretched, shiny faces.The thing about kids growing up is that they grow up into adults of all kinds of shapes and sizes and none of that requires ALL CAPS HISTRIONICS because all bodies are good bodies. Adele’s parents probably thought it was puppy fat too. It’s not reasonable – it’s fatphobia and stereotyping.People’s choices and sizes are none of Giles’ business.

Please consider signing and sharing the petition to get this piece, and Giles’ column, pulled from Esquire UK.Regardless, there is no size his kid could be that would possibly justify fat-shaming him. It’s all very well to pinch his cheeks and go, “Who’s a cheeky chubby-chops?Awww, wittle fatty boom-boom…” and nuzzle your face in his tummy and blow raspberries and feel how they ripple through him like a fart in the bath, but what if… If it doesn’t go away, then you will have a fat kid.(People will immediately suggest that I’m going to far in saying this, those people are a part of the problem.“I’d kill them all” is not an unclear statement.) Anytime you say that everyone who shares a single characteristic should be killed, you are going down a very bad road.

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