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For interns or other clinicians without an individual DEA number, the organizations’ DEA number plus the individual’s suffix is included on the prescription.The DEA allows organizations with an institutional DEA number to validate the identity of each physician and grant them EPCS permissions, but this is only for credentialing purposes, not for the prescription process.Fiction: Pharmacies cannot receive electronic prescriptions for controlled substances According to data from Surescripts, 88 percent of pharmacies in each state are enabled for EPCS.However, in some cases, individual pharmacies and pharmacists may not be aware that they can accept EPCS.An accurate understanding of these regulations is crucial to enabling a fully compliant EPCS solution and improving patient care, but the complexity of these requirements has led to some confusion among healthcare professionals on how to employ this technology.

Now Congress wants to give them company in the form of an electronic “big brother.” Under a provision buried in the 600-page transportation bill recently passed by the Senate, truckers large and small would be required to buy and maintain “electronic on-board recorders” (EOBRs) that would document their travel time and distance.

In individual proofing, physicians work with a third-party, DEA-approved credential service provider (CSP) to validate their identity.

Fiction: Physicians have to use an organization’s DEA number when prescribing controlled substances electronically with institutional identity proofing A physician’s individual DEA number is included on an electronic prescription for a controlled substance, just as it currently appears on paper prescriptions, regardless of how the physician is identity proofed.

Practitioners are mandated to electronically prescribe both controlled and non-controlled substances effective March 27, 2016.

However, there are a number of exceptions in which a practitioner may issue an Official New York State prescription (ONYSRx) form, oral prescription or a fax of an ONYSRx.

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