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Previously, compatibility with Ruby Gems and Ruby varied.

Many versions of Ruby Gems are almost fully incompatible with many versions of Ruby and some versions had key features unusable.

There are many ways of keeping our gems up-to-date.

Gemnasium is a great tool for letting you know about gem updates, and even updating them for you automatically.

Download them in There are a number of (optional) extra features that Jekyll supports that you may want to install, depending on how you plan to use Jekyll.

These extras include La Te X support, and the use of alternative content rendering engines. If you’re the kind of person who is using Jekyll, then chances are you’ll want to enable syntax highlighting using Pygments or Rouge.

Ruby Gems is bundled with the standard Ruby package as of Ruby 1.9.

manually updating rubygems-32

manually updating rubygems-15

manually updating rubygems-58

Ruby Gems integrates with Ruby run-time loader to help find and load installed gems from standardized library folders.Also, Ruby Gems development was moved to Git Hub in 2010.Though Ruby Gems has existed since Ruby 1.8, it was not a part of the standard Ruby distribution until Ruby 1.9.For example, Ruby 1.9 came with Ruby Gems 1.3.7 in its standard distribution, but Ruby Gems 1.4.x was not compatible with Ruby 1.9.This meant that updating Ruby Gems on Ruby 1.9 was not possible until Ruby Gems 1.5.0 was released in 2011, two years after the first stable release of Ruby 1.9.

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