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I recently responded to the ad for Mate1 and truly, I did not see much of what was being said.

You should not mention your Online Ambassador status unless you are asked. Your role is simply to make people feel at home on the site and make light conversation via email, What you write is up to your good judgment, and you should be yourself. But, when you actually sit down and try to plan a business, you find out just how much digging you'll need to do before you actually see any gold. Even porn sites aren't the money-makers they once were. There are a few select companies out there that do employ people to work from home.

And they send you a link to a website that is NOT secure, and when I research the website they take you to, it is a website that is registered and owned by a company and hosted by a company in Malaysia or another foreign company, so the only purpose of the site is to steal your credit card info. I looked at Mate1 on Google, and they have alot of negative complaints about them.

I researched Mate1 on the Better Business Bureau website, and they have a rating of F, which means DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MATE1. I am going to file a 0,000 lawsuit against this company for FRAUD, as I have complete copies of all 75 pages of messages on my account.

If you prefer to be paid by paypal, we will need the appropriate information.

You can provide that information simply by replying to this email. Please specify how you would like to be paid and don't forget to include your full first and last name.

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