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If locals, particularly Zimbabwean men, continue to insist on eating soft yummy cookies that don't need a jackhammer to break, a law to ban them might well become necessary, if for no other reason than to stop us becoming pansies.These biscuits have remained the same for decades, while people's tastes have changed.Yet here we are, the new consumer, this generation of MTV Cribs and Forbes Top 20 Celebrity Mansions on E!We don't want leather couches with polished wood in the armrests. We don't want bedroom suites that have so much wood they'd be deemed a fire hazard in any other country. We want shaggy rugs that feel like heaven under our feet.Unless you tie the bag with a long string and hoist it up to your roof, it simply DOES NOT RISE.Sort of defeats the purpose of calling it "it's about as self-raising as my dick if I sat watching Thabo Mbeki skinny-dipping on a frigid winter night in Cape Town. The important thing is to buy Zimbabwean, and forget about imported Snowflake Self-Raising Flour which actually masses in Zimbabwe are willing to buy locally.(yes I know that's not the spelling, leave me alone) would come out with this flour.Now if you bake with it, you are almost guaranteed a disaster.

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After approximately 1.5 seconds of chewing, the taste has disappeared like an MDC bandana at a ZANU-PF rally.Even though they're 10c cheaper than the local version, they must be removed from the shelves before they kill the local corn flake industry, or the retards starve, whichever might come soonest.Seriously, Willard, wherever you are, do us all a favor and suffocate yourself with a fucking cereal bag.These clumps of soil are genetically engineered to remain attached to the potato no matter what you do, until you get home and soak them for at least 30 minutes.The problem is when the store assistant weighs my potatoes at the supermarket, I want 10kg of Crystal mints have had the same boring taste and the same packaging since I was in Grade 2.

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