Members dating kyrgyzstan

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Amendments to the Constitution were supported by an overwhelming majority of voters, about 80 %, despite the y widespread criticism from civil society and opposition politicians.In its joint opinion, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) and the Venice Commission found in August that the proposed constitutional amendments “would negatively impact the balance of powers by strengthening the powers of the executive, while weakening both the parliament and, to a greater extent, the judiciary.” Authorities continue to deny justice to victims of the June 2010 interethnic violence in southern Kyrgyzstan and took no steps to review torture-tainted convictions handed down in the aftermath of the violence.Furthermore, Mirziyaev’s meeting with the chairman of the parliament of Kyrgyzstan and other legislative leaders was a clear signal that Uzbekistan is attempting to build not only executive-level relations, but long-term links with other branches of the Kyrgyz Republic’s government (Uzdaily, September 6) President Mirziyaev’s ability to find a common language with his Kyrgyzstani counterpart was most likely the main contributing factor to what has been achieved within a year between the two countries.

As in recent years, the government did not take any steps to provide justice for the victims of interethnic violence in 2010.The task before Mirziyaev will now be to keep this velocity going to the point of completion.There were few meaningful improvements in Kyrgyzstan’s human rights record in 2016.Additionally, Mirziyaev floated a new road project: a highway from Kashgar to Andijan via Osh in Kyrgyzstan (Kloop, September 9, 2017).It is notable that the state visit went beyond just the presidential-level meeting and did not solely revolve around the most burning issues between the two countries.

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