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With both classes I now set aside 15 minutes to communicate the homework.We talked about the reasons they proffered as to why most didn't do the homework; they had graduated from high school without learning that reasons serve as barriers to getting, to acknowledging, the truth. in Speech-Communication I had never made that distinction before.Most disconcerting was the fact that although my students said they learned a lot from me I knew that they were still withholding energy-sapping thoughts and childhood perpetrations (deceits, lies, & abuses) from their parents at the end of my course.[Most parents train their children to deceive them evidenced by the fact that most dating teens con each other into deceiving both sets of parents so as to have sex.] in truth, my students mirrored me and my ex and the faculty.I told them they would influence the student's participation. degrees in speech-communication, I had never come across a leader, a genuine manager. One day Elaine gave me a stack of 300 letters to fold, add two inserts, and stuff into envelopes. I was a bit miffed that she thought I needed a demonstration, but watched anyway. I was always discovering how unconscious I was around her. Having satisfied her that I knew how to do the job as she envisioned she left.Unbelievably, they both argued that their presence wouldn't affect the students. a watered-down easy course, or, the best I knew how." They unanimously opted for the latter. About 10 minutes into the job Elaine came out of her office and asked me to make a copy of something.

I told them that it wouldn't work for me to have them observe. I later discovered that 19 of my 42 freshman students had been enrolled in remedial reading and composition courses, partly because their high school teachers had been afraid to insist upon homework being turned in neatly and on timetheir teachers understood copier For seven years I volunteered my services, four hours a week, at the est Office of Hawaii. This one is about an experience with Elaine Cronin, the office manager, whom I hold in high regard. Each job was an exciting opportunity, not only to serve but to show how great I was. So, I went to the copier and placed the paper perfectly. I then sped back, like a second-grader having erased my first chalk board, with my great job done. She had no idea of the trouble I went through to do it perfectly.Most had an understanding about the correlation between personal integrity and outcomes (karma) but few had had a direct experience that anchored in a commitment to maintaining ones integrity. In one crystallizing moment everything became clear to me.Day four: About five in each class didn't do their homework. I had them choose study partners and they exchanged phone numbers and times to call each other. No wonder most high school teachers have a difficult time getting students to do the homework, no one has ever modeled for them how to produce that result. Two of your students want to transfer out of your class.They leave in good spirits and my next identical class comes in. Like the others they are mostly freshman from the Big Island of Hawaii's high schools. As with the first class we co-create the Class Agreements and I assign the identical homework (read the first chapter). It's day two: After about five minutes of scheduled small talk, so as to create some space for communication to take place, I have them form into small discussion groups and share what they got from the reading assignment.I immediately noticed that the majority had not read the first chapter. I had lapsed into doing my imitation of communication; obviously, I had not communicated that I meant for them to do the homework.

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