Mirdating bizobs

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During the Printer restore in cross-platform scenarios, if the backup file does not contain driver binaries for target server platform, PRINTBRM will attempt to install the drivers from the target server’s driver store if a matching driver is available.

However, if you do not want to go through this lengthy process of fulfilling these prerequisites, are on a time crunch, want to quickly restore the print queue information on the target server and deal with the driver worries later, then read on.

If the printer (not the driver) requires this setting, then we will need to install the driver that uses this monitor on the x64 machine.

If there is no x64 monitor provided by the vendor or if the vendor provides a new x64 monitor that uses a different name, then you will need to add a printer using the x64 version of the driver on the new machine since the vendor providing the driver did not provide compatibility to the new OS.

In order to quickly get the queues migrated to the new server, we can create them using the “Generic / Text only” printer driver without restoring any of original the drivers on the target.

Remember that we need to have 64-bit drivers present either in the package or on the target server for the restore to finish and the print queue to be available for printing.

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