Mirroring behavior in dating

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You are delaying this growth,and the longer you leave it,the harder it is.

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Once you have come out of these types of entanglements,you may still get angry or revert to your old way of thinking,but you would have made the most important discovery.

Don't believe the put downs you may have received from this person-sometimes, a dark energy may be lurking with them-in which case, they will feel threatened by your light. Your children, family and your ex may continue to make you pay for mistakes,but still,you have to push forward.

If you truly want the deepest love you can have on Earth, you won't find it behind closed doors with someone who is not. Ask them to give you faith and hope,even when you are crying in your pillow at night.

Because a true love situation,would never ask you to change anything about yourself-yes,growth is change,but this is positive energy.

To stagnate,or become fearful of someone and what they may do either to themselves,or yourself is certainly not the best you can do. When you are ready to reach for more and embrace a deep and meaningful love (yes,there is actually one out there for everyone who wants it) It is wise to ask for signs from the Angels as to your next step,and to remove the built up Karma between you and this person-this is important,otherwise you may always revert back to that way of thinking.

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