Ms project start date not updating

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NOTE: If a parent row has a Predecessor value listed, this dependency relationship will drive the Start dates for each child row making them un-editable.

Deleting the Predecessor value on the Parent Row will remove this constraint and allow you to manipulate the child row dates individually.

I really like using 1 level deep sub-tasks for granular task assignments/actions that need to be completed.

However, when updating the dates/duration of the subtasks, the parent dates do not update.

If a task's Start or End date is driven by a predecessor, you can still change it manually by clicking in the cell and selecting a new date.

Doing so will override the association with the Predecessor and remove the Predecessor value from the row.

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If you want it to start today, use a constraint or drive the date by setting a Finish-to-Start relationship to a task that completed yesterday.

With dependencies enabled, End dates of sub-tasks, as well as Start dates of sub-tasks that are driven by a predecessor, aren't editable from a report, a row update request, the i OS app or the Android app.

Instead, you can manually update the Start date and/or Duration of a task and Smartsheet will automatically update the End date for you.

Right-click any column's header and select Project Settings, or click the Project Settings icon in the Gantt chart header, to enable dependencies and map your columns to the automated functionality.

NOTE: With dependencies enabled, each parent row will reflect a summary overview of the child rows (sub-tasks) indented underneath it.

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