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“Obviously, we certainly have cases where the victim does not want to pursue an investigation or even if an investigation is done, they don’t want to pursue prosecution,” Gonzalez said.“The reasons behind that are numerous and they’re very individualistic between cases.Alcohol use Alcohol and drugs are usually allegedly involved in most cases reported, Gonzalez said.“In a lot of the cases there is a component of either alcohol or drugs use, to the extent that will vary,” Gonzalez said.There’s a lot of different facets of why alcohol or drugs are involved in a case, but it is a trend that we see, that a lot of these cases do have some type of a correlation with alcohol or drug use.” In the 19 cases reported, 16 victims were confirmed to have consumed alcohol, and it was unknown if the other three cases involved alcohol.In only two cases, the accused was known to have consumed alcohol, but this is usually harder to prove, Gonzalez said.The case was closed because the victim stopped cooperating with the police and it was never referred to the prosecutor's office.

Patrick's Day, but is it more related to the weather and we see larger parties, more parties, those types of things during that time frame.” Alleged cases were also reported in January, September, October and November.Data was requested for the 29 fraternities that either are or were part of MSU's Interfraternity Council, or IFC, and had a chapter house in the past five years.Eleven of the fraternities had sexual assaults reported.The 19 cases are approximately the expected number, East Lansing Police Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez said. At MSU, the highest number of reported assaults occurred at Delta Kappa Epsilon.Only 20 percent of college students report assault, according to statistics from the U. The house has four alleged assaults reported since September 2015. “When you’re looking at the numbers themselves, certainly that shows a spike,” Gonzalez said.

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