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The main person is called a "Nexter" who has the chance to go on a date with the other five contestants.

The other five are either men or women, depending on the Nexter's preference and have to wait in a RV until it is their turn to meet the main person.

And while the pair have been taking part in dates with other people – they have also embraced their growing attraction for each other and let it out in the open. But it’s not just Casey that Marnie has been getting close to in the North American country – she went on a tequila tasting date with a girl called Jen n Mora. Meanwhile, Courtney Act and Farrah Abraham have been on a double date in Australia.

Marnie and Casey were spotted kissing in the waves in the Atlantic ocean and laughing together on the beach. It’s been the best time ever,” Casey said on Instagram stories after embracing his time in Mexico. Keep up to date with all out Single AF stars as they travel the world by following @MTVsingle AF #MTVsingle AF WATCH!

There are two segments to this television show, the beginning and then the meeting of the daters.

The dater then exits and introduces themselves to the contestant.

The date begins at this exact moment, and a timer is shown at the bottom of the screen, (which captures the length of the date).

The five daters were secluded in an RV (which was always in a very short walking distance from the date location), and the contestant was at a location where the date will be held.

(Most typically in an outdoor urban setting, which generally throughout the segment took place in that area alone, but in some cases date locations were at multiple diverse locations sometimes).

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