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This relationship club services the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches.

In addition to making singles “UN-single” all month long through their exclusive membership service, Precision Dating holds monthly Speed Dating Parties.

Instead of shrugging or feeling sad about it—look at that happy couple and say to yourself: “I’m happy for them.

My ideal partner is just around the corner.” Send out a message of faith and of jealousy and doubt. ATTITUDE REALLY IS EVERYTHING and this is not the first or last time you’ll hear this, perhaps for a very profound reason—simply because the words are true.

No matter who you are —you will do better in life if you are working on finding some inner happiness and love. Speak kind words to the people you come in contact with.

Change your attitude, read a good book, turn on your favorite music, call your favorite person. It’s all going to matter for you in the big picture of life—and most importantly—LOVE.

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Project Manager Independent responsive website design and development, content and organic search optimization of website.

There is something to be said for that—do you get it yet? Our lines are open and we look forward to helping you find love this season. Kelly Leary has over 18 years in the dating industry and a Masters Degree in Psychology.

If you are particularly sad or lonely this time of year, change the channel to hope and love. Do something to change your social situation for the better, and alter your perception.

If you smile more…don’t you think you’ll get more smiles back?

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I believe that Daisy hit the nail on the head with the assessment written.

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