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The list is by birth order because many of the women have a maiden name and sometimes more than one married name, so sorting alphabetically becomes a problem. Birth year from his marriage record to his first wife Dawn. 19065----- grandfather 1918 Denis Shuttleworth, ... Marriage record at, birth year from passenger record, ----- father 1951 Daniel Lorch, Chairman/CEO, , musician . 1989 , works at Mad Hatter Studios ----- parents voice actress 1957 Nancy Cartwright and her ex writer Warren Murphy ----- was married to one of the Baybak sons, since she is currently known as Lucy Murphy Baybak but is never paired with one of them on the Internet. s-in-life/ (List continued in next post, for those born 1990-1994)Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Those born 1990-1993, with a name in the news. Middle name might be Courtland, from an April post on WD-HAN, https:// . The next post lists celebrities who quit, are inactive, went to events as guests but never joined, or have died.Also, friendships in this group often are linked to nearness in age, and helps clarify common names. ----- mother about 1956 Ellen Rockwell Prager, quit high level Sea Org position. f=9&t=66302&p=451791 An interview with Vanessa called them "dysfunctional hippy parents," ... Born Alyssa Suede Weller, mother Kane, says ----- mother 1948 Raven Kane. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. People born after 1994 would be under 18 and aren't yet identified by name in this thread About 1990 , Birth year from ----- co-producer for videos like , son of Nancy Cartwright and writer Warren Murphy. This post shows actors/writers/musicians/artists who appear inactive, or friends but not in, or no longer in, or deceased."Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. All sources were found lawfully; almost all sources were from Google, or Kristi Wachter's Co S completions. Carlton was born in Virginia and looks about Alyssa's age; the only Carlton born in Virginia between 1975-1995 is Carlton Wayne Moody born 1986, says ----- Half-brothers 1976 Danny & 1980 Chris Masterson, and sister 1988 Alanna Masterson ----- mother 1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson ----- father Joe Reaiche, Australian rugby player and ex-member, spoke out against Co S ... ----- Tyler's circle of friends of suicide victim Cathriona White ----- ----- 1975 Taylor Newton Stewart, composer (The Newton Brothers), husband of Tama Mc Cormick Stewart. ----- ----- 1978 Tama Leia Mc Cormick Stewart, actress / model, wife of Taylor Newton Stewart, sister of Tiber Mc Cormick ----- ----- 1980 Tiber Mc Cormick, artist, ex-Sea Org, formerly married to Juliana Shape, also of Sea Org, says Aaron Smith-Levin, ... ----- ----- about 1983 Jennie Burpee, aspiring actress, "ex-Sea Org" and "age 32" says Aaron Smith-Levin, ... ----- husband 1986 Rafferty Pendery, co-manager, with 1979 Robert M. 1327085211 ----- collaborator 1988 Spencer Bradham, songwriter / producer for Hana-li, ... Along with Alana Hallquist, Spencer is a founder of , a recording studio in Clearwater. Chaffee is Cornerstone Member (,000) under the names "Mac, Chaffee and Houston Graham" ----- father is "Mac" Donald Houston Graham III, from Ynez Graham obit, ... Mac's wife Jill Lori Burkhart Graham, now deceased, also had completions. (Kate's ex-wife "Molly, Jessica, and Jessica's son and daughter are all still members of Scientology" ... "Sadly, Kate's daughter, Jessica, is in the Sea Org in Clearwater," Smurf, ... 83,00, Star Pulse quoted from the People article saying she's not a Scientologist, Author not responsible for errors; all facts should be separately verified. 1946 , president and director of Narconon Int'l, trustee of Narconon Oklahoma, and trustee of Narconon Fresh Start; Prominently named in National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. _His middle name Russell in 1972 marriage to Cheryl Ann Lee, . ----- collaborator Kimberley Furst, who directed Alyssa's music video Hollow, , ... ientology/ ----- ----- about 1986 Ryan Smale, "Raised in a family of Scientologists... ----- husband 1984 Mark O'Brien, who has no completions but also performed at 2015 Christmas Stories. n-minkoff/ ----- wife Ryan Elizabeth Lanik, frequently commenting on the Internet about themselves. ----- It is pronounced Double-you-dee-hawn, says Spencer in an interview, -Bornstein Cathriona White, Geoff Lewis, Isaac Hayes, Nicky Hopkins, Eduardo Palomo, Gloria Rusch, Sonny Bono, Pablo Santos, Milton Katselas, Jeff Conaway, Amanda Ambrose, Renée Duke, Susie Watson-Taylor, Ole Boskov, conservationist Lawrence Anthony, actor Johnny Lewis (Jonathan Kendrick Lewis), writer Trevor Meldal-Johnsen, actress Karen Black, Peaches Geldoff, Dutch composer Andrik Schapers 1942-2016., ... 83,00, Star Pulse quoted from the People article saying she's not a Scientologist, rriage_sci Jennifer is best buddies with Leah Remini; let's hope Leah makes a similar statement soon. emini-jpg/Under 1953 Peter Schless, added the following: 1. Caetano Fisher Schless, married to 1953 Peter Schless and formerly married to critic Mark Fisher, who wrote about how Co S ripped up their marriage, ... Julie's brother Kevin Caetano and his wife Kirsten Maria Thorne 3.The list was developed by building from known events and Scientologists, and testing other names in articles for having known projects on, say IMDb, and for being Co S participants in courses and/or events. ------ father Andre Untiedt "split" from Mary in the early 2000's, ... Roger has Alyssa's music as his first "favorite" on Facebook, . Voice-quot ----- mother Natalie Simms, top fund-raiser for IAS and Super Power Building, same source ----- father Jeff Simms, long time connection to WISE companies, same source ----- director of her videos 1974 Luke Watson, Cyril Helnwein, the show was hosted by Christopher and Danny Masterson at Jason’s Lee’s loft," ... Tiber and Tama's father, born about 1946, is John Darold Mc Cormick, IAS patron and founder of Scientology-linked ----- ----- 1982 Erika Christensen, actress, who has her own entry ----- ----- 1983 Joshua A. ----- wife 1990 Marjorye Dewsnap Henry, Narconon Drug Educated Prevention Specialist, manager of WD-HAN https:// . Birth year from ----- ----- mother-in-law 1959 Victoria Dewsnap . 2012, and WD-HAN's Facebook page plugs Co S front WD-HAN band member Aaron Meekcoms, Sales Representative at . : 1980 Ali Khashoggi, son of multi-millionaire arms-dealer, convicted felon Adnan Khashoggi (not a Scientologist) Ali's mother Lamia, the former Loredana/Laura Biancolini, may still be active in Co S in Clearwater. The last sign of Ali is a now-inactive business,, formed with David Lurie, a Scientologist, in 2000. 57440There is a Facebook page in Arabic for an Ali Khashoggi, so Ali may have returned to Saudi Arabia, where non-Islamic religions are forbidden.The below names may or may not be close to family members, and may or may not still be committed Scientologists. ghts/page2 , but Andre attended a , Untiedt ----- sister about 1981 Tashiana Faust, Sea Org worker, married Sea Org worker 1976 Brandon J. ----- step-father 1948 David Campbell ----- step-brother 1970 Beck ----- partner in the duo, performed at 2015 "Christmas Stories," viewtopic.php? However, Carlton has no completions and may not be in Scientology. v=480Hw1Y2Or M actress Dakota Johnson, who is not known to be a Scientologist, ... ientology/ ----- probable father Tony Hynes, owner of WISE business Everest Restoration in Ontario, ... Shultz, celebrity photographer, is ex-Sea Org, living at the Celebrity Centre in 2007, says . Shultz and Wendy Ray, married in 1981 and had completions. Google "hana-li" "rafferty" - the Google link for that 2008 wedding gives their full names. ----- ----- father-in-law 1948 Rick Pendery, of the disgraced ----- parents and IAS donors 1950 David Richard Brunoehler and 1944 Nina Beth Winters, sculptor, . 3ce6Rick fathered Rafferty with Bella Venter 1956-2011, ... His birth year from ----- collaborator 1948 Raven Kane, on Hana-li's 2003 demo at , actress (took five courses 1999-2004 as Danielle Keough) ----- mother 1968 Lisa Marie Presley ----- father Danny Keough ----- grandmother 1945 Priscilla Presley ----- brother 1992 Benjamin Keough 1989 , actor, owns, along with 1985 Yolanda Pecoraro, clothing business named after his mother, . ----- WD-HAN band member 1990 Forrest Conner, who has his own entry. ----- WD-HAN band member singer about 1989 Spencer Barnes, Director of Delivery at : Michelle Kenen Seward, Jeffrey Tambor, Peggy Lipton, Leif Garrett (deceased), Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis, Michael Fairman, Michael Pattinson, Joe Reaiche (father to Jordan and Alanna Masterson), Nicole Kidman, Placedo Domingo, Jr., actor Larry Anderson (star of Co S orientation film) Diana Canova, Cathy Lee Crosby, Top Gun producer Don Simpson (deceased), Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, director Peter Medak, James Packer, musician Anthony Braxton, Jamie Sorrentini Lugli (whose father Irving Sorrentini is disconnected from her), Roslyn Cohn, Leah Remini, author / screenwriter Skip Press, actress Cathy Schenkelberg, actor Jason Lee, Bibbe Hansen (mother of Beck), Priscilla Presley, Lisa-Marie Presley.= Confederacy of Dunces, a clique of mostly 30-to-40 year olds 2nd generation Co S-ers with some fame and money. Sisu Raiken; three grandchildren." Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... Gracie was born Gracie Aurora Gluchacki, mother Peterson, from . Burton is her maiden name, ----- step-son 1977 Mark Damian Burton, widower of suicide victim Cathriona White ----- Guardians Office co-conspirators and their spouses from the Snow White days, listed by Mike Leopold: George Pilat & Helen (Cornaccio) Pilat; Charles Batdorf & Linda Barrigan; Andy & Kathy Savas, Fred & Kate Feliciano; Pat & Debbie Ward; Joe Lisa & Valerie (Mazzaferri) Lisa; Bruce (Randy) Raymond & Priscilla (Cindy) Hailles Raymond; Susan & Steve Beecher; Nancy & Mitchell Hermann; and Bob & Sharon Thomas. ult/page25 President, by 1st husband the late William Davis. 514010580/ ----- boyfriend Jesse Marco pictured with Alanna and her Co S siblings at Daily Mail article, ... This category is deduced from who is still in Co S AND has had some success, and is attending fashion and/or Co S events, in the news, with Danny Masterson and his closest chums. Bud and wife Jill were Super Power Bldg donors, 2011, ... I wouldn't have found her except for Sisu boasting in 2008 "Gracie is 18 and on her Basics " 1945 , author of book on home birth, designer, .

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09/page-13 ----- sister 1982 Serena Lorien, British actress now in Hollywood, .

Unless noted, all people listed at least have Scientology completions, or, like Tom Cruise, are known Scientologists. lorien.php, delivered disconnection notice to Natalie Milsom's mother. peratives/ ----- child under 18 with Milena ----- ----- father-in-law 1951 Craig Ferreira, WISE shill, and musician ----- mother 1956 Charla S. 1992 , played bass with Cal Henry's band WDHAN, . ----- mother 1955 Sandra Kay Wacker Winteregg, registered nurse and exec at Oxygen for Life, where Abby is Office Manager. Her relatives' birth years from Ancestry and familysearch. 1994 () - daughter of Michael and Denise (Burker) Duff. She has an Imdb page as Paris Duff with two projects, one in 2012. Connor is a DJ, and acted in film Red Dawn in 2012.

I preferred to list people that were on IMDB or had a role in Co S. ----- ex-girlfriend Hightee Butzlaff, viewtopic.php? f=9&t=24447&start=0 , artist "Born in my grandmother's bedroom in 1984..." (Lived with her sister in Los Feliz, LA with this grandmother.) ----- sister 1979 Alex Prager ----- father about 1949 Alan Prager in Sea Org. Grossman, (both parents' and stepmother's names and ages from ). Campbell, drummer for WD-HAN, "Congratulations to Spencer and Lea!! " March 22, 2013 entry in WD-HAN's Facebook page at https:// ----- WD-HAN band member (bassist) about 1992 Abby Winteregg, has her own entry. Abby is also in band Lions After Dark, and, shill for WISE along with father and brother, ... Her relatives' birth years from Ancestry and familysearch. Winteregg, shill for WISE, partner in MGE Management Experts ----- ----- father Greg's partner 1954 Luis A. Names withheld for those under 18 or young and of unknown age.

Thus a parent who is out, or who never was in, and who has a child or grandchild in Scientology, will show dates and full names if available, in case that young person wants to contact them. Clark's year of birth from Delphi, Sheridan, Oregon address at b-network/ ----- Clark's sister 1941 Barbara Lucille Carr Wiseman, wife of 1941 Bruce Wiseman who has his own entry. Name and Paula's year of birth from KT3D-T3H ----- ex-wife Ann Horwich, sister of Jonathan Horwich, husband of Diana Hubbard. ----- mother and manager 1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson, ----- father Australian rugby player and ex-member Joe Reaiche criticized Co S, ... The only Frencher born in Calif that year on is Dedwart Alexander Frencher, born in LA, mother Fisher, so Eddie must be that man. Lauren Haigney's cookie-cutter Hello, my name is Lauren Haigney, and here is a little bit about myself: I am 12 years old.

A person who has left and has no children Comments are very welcome, especially about notable Scientologist musicians, if any, that I have missed. Birth year and full name Bernard Korman Reichel, Jr. ----- wife 1950 Jill Rundall Reichel, Maiden name and birth year from ----- for June 2, 2006: "Carl Albert Peterson, 87, of Newport Beach, a retired architect,...daughters... She does voice projects with Sisu and the Jim Meskimen-linked voice actors. Birth year and name from , married to Greg Willardson in 1974 ----- daughter 1975 Marlan A. She & sister Lauren "have a "lifestyle" company called Twink Sis.", ... Birth year from IMDb and, where her mother, like Lauren, is Sachs. 1946 , felon convicted in the Snow White conspiracy, now CEO at David Morse and Associates (DMA), an insurance investigations firm. ----- present wife 1954 Paula Marie Burton Snider, also working at DMA. les.55675/ ----- fellow band member 1983 Agnyess Deyn, Alanna attended the Rebecca Minkoff opening at Confederacy in 2011, smileforever/fishyfoto/ ... "Son of John & Kyle, His entire family are onlines at the LA Org. I go to Delphi Academy in La Canada where I learn to apply L.

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