Mythvodka updating listings dating winchester 9422

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(With Home Improvement, they used to do a 30 or 60-second blip at the end of the show, it was always detected as part of the last commercial.buckeye: Yeah, in the days of a 'static' station logo in the corner, it was probably much easier/accurate.Now that the logos spin, rotate between different logos, fade in, out, etc, it's got to be more complex, if not completly confused for logo detection..folks.I CAN handle dev stuff, but I CANNOT handle bitching and griping about stuff not working on a daily basis.

It just seems odd that it works great with the exception of the last commercial breakcan I get mythfilldatabase to change the callsign and name of channels scanned before?It would kinda suck to have to enter all that information (as opposed to xmltvid, which is needed to link the scanned channel to the XML data) manually when it is in the xmltv file mythfilldatabase uses...buckeye: I don't know 100% all the techniques, but I believe they use 1) Black screen 2) Channel Logo, and 3) time between black screens.Networks are getting more creative with their logos, so I'm sure #2 isn't as effective as it used to be...buckeye: and if the time between black screens is 'just right', or within tolerance of a typical commerical timeframe, i'd guess that it would confuse the detector.Wouldn't that properly be, "/I/ deleted source and destination while movingrecordings to a new drive with rsync"? I know is probably not the best place to ask a Windows question, but it concerns the Hauppauge HD-PVR and I wasn't sure where else to turn. I really hope that Myth TV finishes the work on bringing the HD-PVR code into the main trunk (instead of svn trunk). But now I have the HD-PVR and it makes it impossible to do so.Plus Myth crashed often on me.damnit why won't this unit unlock..

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