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My paternal uncle, my grandmother’s last born, then a youth corps member was posted to serve his fatherland where we were staying then, of course, it was natural for him to stay with us. Initially, my uncle was nice and he was just a normal uncle everyone would wish for.After about a month or so that he came to stay with us, he started behaving funny towards me.It was not a good experience and I don’t wish any of my kids would go through the trauma and nightmare. ( Yes, sexual harassment can be stopped and not only by mothers but by GODLY PRESENCE, both parent and a responsible government which must immediately pass into law bill to prosecute offenders even with maximum sentencing of life imprisonment.Parents must put aside family sentiments on sexual issues as it affects a girl/boy child development.One weekend, she went to stay at her uncle’s place I was supposed to have gone with her, but my eldest brother, who just came back from the US (United States), promised to see me that weekend. Surprisingly, my friend came back on Saturday morning as against her planned Sunday evening.I noticed that she had cried and her uncle was hovering around her like a “father hen”.

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Then, I really didn’t know how to place his behavior.Incidentally, we were admitted to study the same course, so from the very first day we became friends Her parents were abroad, and her maternal uncle was her guardian. More so, I didn’t trust her enough to share my secret with her.And I also thought that, though naive after all, he was her maternal uncle not paternal, so he shouldn’t have such a thought on his mind.This incident happened when I was in Senior Secondary School (High School) year 2.I wasn’t really too mature for my age; I was on the small side, but I had developed a woman’s body. My elder ones (both boys) were away in school leaving our housemaid and me in the house.

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