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And yet, five of the 11 pipelines already have been approved.

The rest await a decision from a federal regulator that almost never says no.

There the Atlantic Coast developers plan to build a massive compressor station where engines would throb to keep gas moving.

Oba attended a FERC meeting on the project in 2015, driving nearly an hour with as many neighbors as she could to testify.

It’s the largest of the pending projects and would wind nearly 600 miles from West Virginia into his home state and North Carolina. “They always have.” FERC declined Center and State Impact Pennsylvania requests to interview Cheryl A.

La Fleur, its acting chairman, as well as senior officials.

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● Four of six major pending pipelines in the Appalachian basin were proposed by companies planning to sell pipeline capacity to utilities they own.Former insiders defend the commission, describing its mandate as limited. Santa Jr., a former FERC commissioner who heads the pipeline industry’s trade group, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, said the agency’s low denial rate merely reflects the quality of the projects.Renewable-energy consultant Jon Wellinghoff, a FERC commissioner from 2006 to 2013, including nearly five years as its chairman, said the agency has little leeway for denying a pipeline. They’re so expensive to build that few make it off the drawing board into FERC applications.● The Obama-era EPA repeatedly asked FERC to scrutinize projects’ climate impacts, saying in a rebuke in October that its failure to properly do so did not comply with a key environmental law.● FERC delays appeals of its pipeline approvals for months while allowing companies to begin construction.

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